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Has anyone else noticed that some of their best work is in response to someone else trying something similar and missing the mark or abandoning it? No? Probably just me, then.

Anyway, someone posted a not quite coherent version of this on Enworld, so I responded with this. So far, I've enough willpower to avoid filking the entire song...

Slaying Wizard
ttto: Pinball Wizard, by Pete Townshend
lyrics: Joshua Kronengold

Ever since I was a young elf, I've wanted to stand tall,
From Fallcrest down to Nentir, I must have fought them all,
But I ain't seen nothing like him, in any bar or hall,
That deaf, dumb, blind assassin, sure wields a nasty maul.

He stands like a statue, hides himself within plain sight,
Blends into the background, if it's dark or if it's light,
He shrouds his foes in darkness, while he stands back from the fight,
That deaf, dumb, blind assassin, sure wields a nasty maul.

He's a slaying wizard, there's got to be a catch,
A slaying wizard, I've never seen his match.
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