It’s true!

Feb. 16th, 2019 07:57 am
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Rap music is used to get people hooked on drugs. [Central Maine]


Feb. 16th, 2019 05:24 am
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"I have skin in the game, you have sunk cost fallacy, he has Stockholm syndrome" -- tubelite (@tubelite), 2019-01-06

New job, new house, new flirt

Feb. 15th, 2019 08:39 pm
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Just after popping down to NC for Christmas to see family, I started doing some prep learning for the new job, then in the new year I started driving to the Arlington location, and then once my clearance FINALLY came through I started commuting into DC (Red Line Metro, not too bad).  I like my immediate teammates, all the teammates I see on a regular basis, and just a few reservations about some of the Arlington folks (heavy  sarcasm wears on me).  Good feedback from boss(es) so far.  Organizational stuff in flux, but when/where isn't that true?  Had lunch today with some ex-co-workers and seems like I made a good choice from that perspective, too.

Bought my sister's SFH in Gburg after she moved to NC.  Lots of light and hardwood floors.  Getting inside re-painted etc. before moving in because if I don't do it now, I probably never will.  Still so much to do.  I've accumulated a lot of stuff in my 19 years in the townhouse.  I've de-cluttered some, but that takes time, too.

Someone I met at a party volunteered to help (with his truck) move some stuff (e.g., boxes of books I won't need for a while) to the new house's basement (not being re-painted, maybe more serious remodeling in a year or two) on two separate weekends!  I'm not head over heels like I was for the summer crush, but he's a good guy.  We also karaoke'd.  I've also gotten to see my sweetheart some lately (my birthday, his local work).  Other possibilities in the air but we're all busy people.

Got to see my twin for our birthday.  She came up since I was in the throes of new job, and the long weekend felt way too short.  I got to guest on a couple of her regular podcasts!  We got to use the fireplace (it feels more like a company thing than a solo thing to light a fire, to me).  I'm hoping to go down to NC for a week maybe in June/July.

Wood Work

Feb. 15th, 2019 04:02 pm
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Late this morning, during a break between storms, Lisa hitched up the utility trailer and went to Big R and bought a pallet of fire logs while I worked on Day Jobbe. Around lunchtime, I came out and helped move wood. She had been on her own moving logs off the pallet the back of the utility trailer to our "reserve storage" inside the garage. We had used up all but the last 18 logs in the reserve, so she decided to fill it first. We then moved several wheelbarrow loads of logs to the main wood box. It went slowly because my right wrist is paining me considerably and I can't find my wrist brace. (Too much mousing around, I guess.)

A pallet is 240 logs. With 80 to go, the clouds rolled back in and Lisa (having done much of the unloading without me) was getting very tired, so she pulled the plastic wrap back over the remainder of the pallet, secured it as best as she could, and called it a day.

We've been having intermittent light snow showers off and on today. Nothing that sticks to speak of, and in the breaks it melts again because the air temperatures have been above freezing. Tomorrow's forecast suggests that we may have time in the afternoon where we can finish unloading this pallet. We might go get another one soon, because we drew our heading wood supply down to less than a week's worth of wood, which is not something we want to do in general, because there's no guarantee Big R will always have the fire logs in stock.

Meanwhile, we'll see how well my wrist is feeling over the weekend. If it feels the way it does now on Sunday, I don't think I'll be going bowling.

unintended amusement

Feb. 15th, 2019 03:54 pm
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The disappointment at these developments is palpably dripping from this article

It is an article of faith that Israel's intransigence -- and Bibi's policies in particular -- should be just awful for Israel. But it hasn't actually worked out that way.

Things to do

Feb. 15th, 2019 02:48 pm
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So I finished the first draft of Mrs. Hudson Investigates last night. It's... not there yet. I tend to defer to just banging some shit out the first time around, and then coming back to fix it up and improve it later. The last scene is particularly bad, but I really wanted to get to that point of being technically "finished." I'll stay away from it for a day or two, to get some distance, and then dig into editing once I've forgotten what I wrote a little.

Intercon is not this weekend but the next. I have not done basically anything to prepare for it, but I always have a good time there and don't want to drop the ball. I have to do a little printing and a lot of prop gathering to run Silver Lines, the small-scale semi-open-world larp set in the Mrs. Hawking universe I've been running a lot lately. I also need to read the character sheet for the one game I'm playing, and put together a costume. That shouldn't be too hard, seeing as if there's anything I have access to, it's plenty of costuming options. But I got to take the minutes to do it.

I also got my first round of essays for class this semester. I like to give them about a week's turnaround time on returning them for a grade, and I hate grading so much that I do better when I grade a small number every day than when I try to do a lot at once. The week's already filling up, but I can't let it slide. Sigh. Teaching is so much more fun when I get to show up and shoot my mouth off, rather than reading boring essays and laboriously explain actionable feedback for the students to edit. It's honestly the only thing I don't like about teaching college.

And I've got a party to plan for. The Hawking cast party is this weekend, and I like to make it fun for all the people who have put so much work into the show. I'm looking forward to seeing the gang again after a few weeks going by since the performance. I look cooking and hosting, but it's more work and planning on top of everything else.

I am going to be a busy bee this week.

Rushing the season

Feb. 15th, 2019 10:41 am
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Today I saw Easter egg Oreos in Market Basket. Easter is April 21 this year.

Am I going to have to write "Keep Your Easter out of February?"

Religious lingerie (relingerie?)

Feb. 15th, 2019 09:46 am
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(Seen elseweb)

A man went into Victoria’s Secret to get his girlfriend a bra. He was completely flummoxed by the endless choices everywhere he looked. The saleswoman pulled him aside and, with sympathy, explained that there were really only four kinds of bras, all of them religious. This completely confused him, so she explained:

“There’s the Catholic bra, which holds up the masses.

There’s the Salvation Army bra that lifts the fallen.

There’s the Presbyterian bra that keeps them upright.

And there’s the Baptist bra, that makes mountains out of molehills.”

“Well,” he said, “Sometimes she wears a bra and sometimes she doesn’t, and I can’t always tell by looking.”

“Maybe you want the Agnostic bra: Is there a bra or isn’t there? You just can’t know.”

“Hmmmm... You know, she’s a Quaker...”

“So she needs a Quaker bra,” said the saleswoman, showing a bra that was virtually invisible. “Quakers hold them in the Light.”


Feb. 15th, 2019 05:24 am
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"'Our community has some of the most marginalized in our society, so doing things that could potentially harm the livelihood of sex workers doesn't really matter to folks because we are seen as disposable,' Santos muses. 'But we are actively seeing how attacks on sex workers quickly becomes an attack on all women. How are people going to be able to differentiate between a sex trafficked victim and a woman traveling alone or eating dinner alone or just having a glass of wine alone? We are just the entrance to something that can and will get bigger if we allow it.'" -- Sandra Song, "When Anti-Sex Trafficking Policies Like the Marriott's Do More Harm Than Good", 2019-01-30

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From the Chicago Sun-Times
01/30/2019, 11:14am

University of Chicago’s Miguel Civil, top expert on ancient Sumerian, dead at 92
University of Chicago professor Miguel Civil was a leading expert on the ancient Sumerian language.
By Maureen O'Donnell

Miguel Civil was a linguistic time traveler. The University of Chicago professor was considered the world’s leading expert on Sumerian, an ancient language of Mesopotamia.

“Nobody has understood Sumerian as well as Miguel Civil since the beginning of the second millennium B.C.,” according to Chris Woods, director of the university’s Oriental Institute, who said Mr. Civil was “the greatest living Sumerologist.”

Mr. Civil died Jan. 13 at the University of Chicago Hospitals, according to the school, which said he was 92 and had a pulmonary infection.

Colleagues said his command of the intricacies of Sumerian culture revolutionized translation of the language, which was inscribed on clay tablets with a reed stylus and which flourished in Sumer — what’s now southern Iraq — from about 3,200 B.C. to 1,800 B.C.

In addition to the first known written language, the Sumerians might also have invented the wheel. And some of the world’s first cities rose in Sumer.

The Sumerians were “great, great bureaucrats,” Woods said, producing hundreds of thousands of tablets with cuneiform — wedge-shaped characters — with which they recorded everything from business deals to the movement of animals and grain.
Mr. Civil could decode their reports on the region’s irrigation methods, agriculture and medical practices. He also understood their colloquialisms, jokes, riddles and proverbs.

His translation on lackadaisical laborers appeared in the University of Pennsylvania Penn Museum’s Expedition magazine: “At harvest time, your work does not match your appetite! You disappear from work, and they find you gossiping in the market place.”

“He just had an intuition, a type of genius that allowed him to make connections,” Woods said. “He was a pioneer in using modern linguistics to understand the language, to decipher it.”

The professor even knew about Sumerian beer-making, Woods said, thanks to having deciphered drinking songs involving Ninkasi, a beer goddess known as “the Lady Who Fills the Mouth.”

The translation fermented into the recreation of a 3,800-year-old recipe for Sumerian beer, according to a 1991 publication of the Oriental Institute in which Civil wrote his work had “attracted the attention of Fritz Maytag, the president of the Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco,” makers of Anchor Steam.

Maytag traveled to Chicago to interview Mr. Civil. The brewmaster said that when he questioned the professor about whether there was a dictionary to consult about Sumerian, “He looked up at me, and he said, ‘I am the dictionary.’ ”

Mr. Civil, Maytag and Solomon Katz, a University of Pennsylvania bioanthropologist, ended up working together to create Ninkasi Beer, which was served at a meeting of micro-brewers. “I called it the beer that won’t die,” Maytag said.

Though the beer didn’t keep well, “Everybody connected with the modern reconstruction of the process seems to have enjoyed the experience,” Mr. Civil wrote, including the taste, which they likened to hard cider.

“It is difficult to think of any other scholar, in this or any other field, whose range and depth can be compared to Civil’s, from his first publication [in 1960] on Sumerian medical prescriptions to his many contributions on matters as diverse as grammar, literature, agriculture, economic developments, royal inscriptions,” according to the preface of a book that other scholars dedicated to him on his 90th birthday, The First Ninety Years: a Sumerian Celebration in Honor of Miguel Civil. A “prodigious photographic memory. . . enabled him to join fragments of broken tablets, which were often housed at museums in different countries.”

“There is hardly an aspect of the Mesopotamian textual record that Miguel Civil has not immeasurably advanced our understanding of,” wrote Paul Delnoro, a contributor to the book who is an associate professor of Assyriology at Johns Hopkins University.
Read more... )

Click headline for story

Thankful Thursday

Feb. 14th, 2019 06:05 pm
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Today I am grateful for

  • My family.
  • Our cats, with extra thanks to Desti for letting me type with her on my lap.
  • Fifteen years of Opportunity, and a lot of good memorials.
  • Warmer weather and mostly-clear roads.
  • Finding something that looks very much like a profitable writing gig.

Capricon Ahead

Feb. 14th, 2019 04:18 pm
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Time to pack the van. And the car.

We'll see how this goes. :)

Valentine Washout

Feb. 14th, 2019 01:33 pm
kevin_standlee: A token issued by the North Lyon County (Fernley, Nevada) Fire Department. The token has the logo of the fire department (the state of Nevada with a fire department symbol) with the city name and 'Since 1952" around the rim. The reverse (not shown) has the seal of the state of Nevada. (Fire)
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It rains very little in Fernley. Nearby Fallon has as part of the reason there is a Naval Air Station there is having 360 days of clear flying weather per year. But this winter is wet, and we might get something like 20% of our annual rainfall over yesterday and today. Thus any plans Lisa and I might have had for a Valentine's Day getaway are washed away. The most excitement I'll have it attending the Fire Board meeting tonight, where I will thank them for the condolence card they sent me regarding my mother's death, which I learned about by a telephone call during last month's meeting.


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