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I'm well aware that this has been done before, but I wasn't satisfied with how, so having had an idea of doing a thing, I feel compelled to finish.

I'd be sorry, except I'm really not.

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A Sonnet to Serenity

First quatrain and last couplet by Joshua Kronengold, second quatrain and following couplet by [personal profile] batyatoon, first couplet (5-6) and editing by [personal profile] thnidu.

Deny me answer to my heart's behest,
Deprive me of my property and lot,
Remove my person, force me by duress,
To where the land shan't bear me, I care not.
For I am unencumbered by oppression,
Nor canst thou wrest the sky from my possession.

Though I be exiled to the endless dark,
And though they tell the world I'll not return;
Though thou may'st fan the flame or set the spark
That seas may boil and that the land may burn;
My will's my own, and so the skies shall be --
And neither wilt thou ever take from me.

Now nowhere can I be, since Peace I found,
But mine is that which lies above the ground.
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I'll be at GaFilk, arriving on Friday afternoon (and leaving on Monday). See all of you who'll be there.

I need to be bugged to put my writeup of [ profile] tnatj's housefilk last month.

Finally, something that amused me -- I was sending email tests to myself (to diagnose an issue that turned out to be my spamblocking my own messages -- oops), and felt the need to insert some content. So I wrote this:

This mail is a test.
It is only a test.
If it were a real mail, it would be better word word-
ed, would start with a hail, contain words that allured.
So it's just for the best.
That this mail be a test.

Enjoy. Or don't, as you please.


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