Aug. 4th, 2009

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Lisa and I are not -actually- doing a grand tour--but we are doing enough cons this ye\
ar that one could argue it anyway. Spring cons included Lunacon(Rye, NY), Concertino \
(NEfilk Massachusets), Origins (Columbus), Dexcon (NJ), Intercon (Mass.), Balticon (Ba\
ltimore), and this past weekend, [personal profile] drcpunk and I took a quick flight over to L\
ondon to make HarmUnu (and Unicon in general, as we did have non-filking UK friends in\
attendence). (and in terms of trips, I suppose I have to count my cruise with [personal profile] pocketnaomi to Alaska, with Seattle on the way).

It was great. Expensive in both money and energy, of course, but much fun and we got \
to both reconnect with old friends from that side of the pond and meet and chat with n\
ew friends. I even got a few games in.

This coming week, naturally enough, we're planning on taking a train up to Montreal t\
o attend Worldcon.

And we -hope- to also make PiCon this summer...not that we've planned for it even a li\
ttle bit--it just sounds fun.
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The Ruined Tower
Joshua Kronengold
ttto Under the Gripping Beast
inspired by Horsetamer's Daughter

With a circle made of horses, and a plain first level screen,
I fought and beat the wizards who would rule what they had seen
They granted me an eight domain, which was not theirs to give,
And I shall strive to keep it free as long as I can live

Inside the ruined tower, my horses run and play.
Inside the ruined tower, the wizards stay away.
My people love my power, for it keeps the plains folk free
As I have won our freedom, so shall we forever be.

I know that I grow older, so I search the land for power,
I hate to be the only one--alone within my tower.
But though there's power in the land, there's no one here like me.
No one with strength that's great enough to make the wizards flee.

Inside the ruined tower, I pace upon the straw
Inside the ruined tower, time is an open maw,
For I'm an only child, and I dare not have a babe,
For I would lose my power, and my land would be enslaved.

The years have fallen on me, and I know my sun will set,
But my people still have freedom, for I have not fallen yet,
I know the lords will rule again as soon as I am done.
Each day that I can have is like a year that I have won.

Inside the ruined tower, the horses come and go
Inside the ruined tower, I stand against time's flow
Though he yet hunts my footsteps, still I will not yield to death.
My power keeps my people free while I can take
a breath


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