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Mar. 30th, 2017 09:18 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] shrewreader!

Current Code Contributors: March 2017

Mar. 30th, 2017 02:22 am
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Every few months, I run through [site community profile] changelog compiling a list of who has been contributing patches to our code repository, with the understanding that this is not a competition, or any sort of "high score" list. It's intended as a guide for casual developers, to discern not only our most prolific contributors, but also those who have contributed to the project most recently and therefore would be more likely to provide a timely, informed response to development questions. That is why the list is sorted by "Latest" instead of "Changes".

In general, one commit on Github equals one point in the "Changes" column, but fractional points are awarded for collaborative efforts — the most common example being a new S2 theme, where usually half credit is awarded to the theme author and the other half to the person who converts the theme into a code patch. Due to the nature of development, some changes are massive contributions of new code, and others are tiny tweaks; there is no correlation with the amount of effort involved. We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve Dreamwidth, in ways large or small.

I last compiled this list at the end of September. Since that time, we have not been graced with any new contributors, but we are pleased to welcome [staff profile] denise and [personal profile] fu back to active development after a long absence.

  #  User                      Changes     Latest
  1. denise                     417.08     Thu Mar 30 04:19:59 2017 UTC
  2. fu                         2168.5     Thu Mar 30 04:12:07 2017 UTC
  3. kareila                      1151     Tue Mar 21 16:56:21 2017 UTC
  4. alierak                        33     Wed Mar 15 13:41:33 2017 UTC
  5. mark                        563.5     Wed Feb 15 22:47:17 2017 UTC
  6. kaberett                     44.5     Mon Feb 13 18:53:52 2017 UTC
  7. momijizukamori             229.16     Sat Feb 11 17:08:28 2017 UTC
  8. srukle                          9     Sat Feb 04 00:09:02 2017 UTC
  9. woggy                          17     Thu Sep 29 22:26:43 2016 UTC
 10. onlyembers                    0.5     Thu Sep 29 19:58:05 2016 UTC

 11. pinterface                   15.5     Sat Sep 24 00:19:48 2016 UTC
 12. wohali                          1     Wed Aug 31 14:12:26 2016 UTC
 13. hotlevel4                      53     Fri Jul 15 22:39:55 2016 UTC
 14. phidari                         2     Sat Jun 18 21:14:12 2016 UTC
 15. cesy                        29.83     Sat Jun 18 15:28:34 2016 UTC
 16. chrisboyle                     15     Sun May 15 12:08:22 2016 UTC
 17. me_and                         36     Sun May 15 11:33:08 2016 UTC
 18. dfabulich                       1     Mon Apr 25 19:53:40 2016 UTC
 19. azurelunatic                    8     Mon Mar 28 05:54:30 2016 UTC
 20. sgsabbage                      17     Wed Feb 24 20:45:39 2016 UTC
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alas, a funeral

Mar. 29th, 2017 11:06 pm
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It was while driving the familiar twisty narrow road with the long Welsh name up the hill that it hit me in that visceral way: when I get to the house, my father won't be there.

My stepmother and her immediate family, all of them close to my father, were there, however, and so were my brothers, and that was comforting as we prepared to pile in to the limos and head off to the crematorium. As I've found before, being a pallbearer is more about the physical effort and care of what you're doing than about what it symbolises. But the ceremony was dignified. Though secular, it included a recording of a choir singing a Sabbath hymn to acknowledge Jewish heritage, plus the group singing of one church hymn in Welsh, and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

(And suddenly I incongruously remembered something else my father had done for us. The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Allan Sherman parodied that on his first album. My father introduced us all to Allan Sherman's work, buying each of his albums as it came out and bringing it home with some ceremony.)

The small chapel, or whatever one calls it, was packed. He was well-respected in this small Welsh town, almost (not quite) the only American there. Interesting after building a fair community reputation back in California, he retired to Wales and then did it all over again. One of the first things he did here was get the British branch of Rotary International to establish a doctor bank for third-world countries, and to himself go to Pemba (an island off Tanzania) to deliver babies for a couple months.

So I have my memories, and a few mementos to bring or have shipped home. Did a little else here, which I'll save accounting of for my return.

Changelog Digest for Thu, Mar 30

Mar. 30th, 2017 01:57 am
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4776321: Issue #2013: Can't log in with your Dreamwidth OpenID on LiveJournal
Rewrite LJ's trust_root to https to match their return_to.
d90f7d3: Issue #2039: DW::CleanEmail::nonquoted_text not removing all quoted text
Check for extra space in bogus_email address text.
2122dc8: Issue #2034: HTTPS_UPGRADE_REGEX needs modification
Use %LJ::KNOWN_HTTPS_SITES for simple whitelist.
5fba7e8: Issue #2034: HTTPS_UPGRADE_REGEX needs modification
Anchor the regular expression.
17bf9d4: Issue #2031: Remove unused code for browselang
Remove unused module LJ/Setting/Language.pm.
b8127fb: Issue #2031: Remove unused code for browselang
Strip trailing whitespace.
ca179ae: Issue #2031: Remove unused code for browselang
Remove langpref cookie support.
0332211: Issue #2031: Remove unused code for browselang
Remove uses of 'browselang' in get_text calls.
3b9f56d: Issue #2031: Remove unused code for browselang
Remove browselang userprop.
26a4de5: Issue #2019: convert manage/index.bml to TT
Convert and update the /manage/index page.
41c7c3c: Issue #2048: add "this is a RP account" settings flag
New userprop 'opt_rpacct' and associated account setting module.
7b68b7e: Issue #2009: Manage Circle page should not show accounts you've banned unless you specifically ask it to
Get banned userids and don't show in Manage Circle if banned.
cbcb62f: Issue #2009: Manage Circle page should not show accounts you've banned unless you specifically ask it to
Have links to hide/show banned users.

More on the Pleistocene Park

Mar. 29th, 2017 11:34 pm
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Article in International Business Times about the project I mentioned in my last post. Got this for supporting it (ok, ten bucks worth, but what the heck - I like the idea whether it happens or not, goodness knows...) If you do want to support it, there's only 10 days to go...

good morning, it's 30 march 2017

Mar. 29th, 2017 11:25 pm
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A few days ago, KOMO was forced by corporate (they were bought by Sinclair of Maryland) to air a rightist story about "fake news." Local employees are rebelling; "KOMO employees will take on Trump-friendly bosses." Good on ya, KOMO employees.

In Russia issue news, we have a few stories. "First GOP lawmaker calls for Nunes to recuse himself" - we'll be lucky to get more than two or three, but one is better than none. In "I'm Not Crying You're Crying" news, "Trump wants a Russia investigation … directed at Clinton." No, really. But the real hope today is that the Senate might do something, in "Senate Intelligence Committee Leaders Vow Thorough Russian Investigation."

Also, reportedly, "FBI Director James Comey Tried To Reveal Russian Tampering Months Before Election." Erf.

Science, and How the Republicans Hate It: first, there was an action item earlier, but it didn't help; "House votes to restrict EPA’s use of science." This is a restriction so onerous and comprehensive that if taken at black text, the EPA won't ever be able to do much of anything new again. I consider that intentional, particularly given that Lamar Smith called the journal Science - you know, one of the most important and respected journals on the planet - basically fake news, during this hearing: "Climate Scientist Fires Back at House Science Committee During Hearing." And, of course, you can't have a good purge without language controls, so "Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase ‘climate change’." That's fun! And finally, "E.P.A. Chief, Rejecting Agency’s Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide."

Oh, did I mention that "Trump Proposes Slashing Medical Research This Year, Too"? Well, now I have.

"Seattle will sue Trump over sanctuary city threats." Good! We're doing pretty well so far, what with repeated victories in court against the Muslim travel bans. Another one came down yesterday, late, in fact - this time, Hawai'i gets the win. "We have just won in #HawaiivsTrump. Trump Admin lost everything it sought." They're describing it as a real smackdown of a decision, too. Relatedly, "Rep Gutierrez Tells CNN Sanctuary Cities Are Actually ‘Fourth Amendment Cities,’" which is good language from a rhetoric standpoint.

Still, "UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it." See above about the 1,000-ish Russian hackers setting up rightist fake news sites through the election. Maybe this should've been with the above.

Corruption update: "Ivanka Trump will have an official White House position." Are all the kids on the payroll now? Is this everybody?

"Puget Sound transit projects would lose big under Trump budget." This is older, but I don't think I posted it before.

And finally, WashingtonWontDiscriminate.org is reporting that the fundraising rate with the fundamentalist "bathroom bill" initiative is "neck-and-neck," and that's really bad - I-1552 is getting infusions of cash from somewhere (I don't know where offhand but I can make a fleet of guesses) and they're asking for more donations. I know it's easy to get caught up in the Federal issues, but as I've said many times: we have to keep the bulwark here. Now is a good time to donate.

It's March 30, 2017; this is the news )

Shout outs

Mar. 30th, 2017 01:29 am
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Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts about my sister, she's safe and I love all the great stuff that's happening in Bar.

Jim is Welsh and nice and confusing everyone.

A Pearl has appeared, its from a little later but I know how much this canon is loved.

Hal's himself once more.

I also want to say how much I'm loving this thread with Chirrut and Baze is making me so happy.

Now what's been making you smile on these rainy days of Spring.

Day 29 – Bluebird Skies

Mar. 30th, 2017 05:02 am
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Not the library I was at today.

It’s Wednesday! I’ve done four complete weeks. It feels like I just started, to be honest. Today started early, as I had a follow up doctor visit to make sure I was recovered from last week’s “event.” I knew I wanted to make today’s prayers at the library before I even went to sleep last night, though, and I had my bag packed with the books I needed to return.

The morning was gray and wet and windy, and no amount of cover helps much when the rain is blowing sideways. I got some quality solo train time in, which hasn’t happened much since we moved. Along the way I took care of some paperwork that needed to be done and visited Portlandia for the first time in a while. It had lightened up some by the time I was walking from the train stop to my office, but it stayed gloomy and damp right up until about an hour before my shift ended, when the clouds thinned and the blue spring sky came through.

After work I was practically skipping on the walk to the library. For the last Wednesday, my offering was joining the Friends of the Library, a proper commitment to the town and the library wights as well as an offering for Pillai.

I need to spend some more time with the new lesson from the Court of the Work In Progress but it’s got me thinking about my writing, and the spirits I already work with and the spirits I could turn to for help with that. The course has thus far done an amazing job of happening to be just what I need when it comes into my mailbox, I have to admit.

One last day with Pechak and Velos and this experiment will officially be complete, though I have to finalize the prayers and their format. And now that I’ve laid this groundwork, it’ll be time to move onto the next thing.

Today’s coin is an Algerian 1 dinar coin. The back features a prominent star and crescent symbol and a hamsa. The star reminds me of the Dark Lady, and the crescent I hadn’t used to associate with her, but pairing her with Monday has made me think about it. I hadn’t spent enough time with Redbird to see it before the last few months, but the Dark Lady and the Bright Lady are very much two sides of the same coin. The hamsa is a protective symbol, so this coin I take as the Dark Lady’s blessing.




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[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I are halfway through season 1 of Legion, and I'm not emotionally engaged/invested at this point, but I'm finding it fascinating. I'm also largely trying to mentally detach it from what I remember of the character's place in comics canon, because four episodes in, it appears* that there's little, if any, connection beyond "a mentally ill young man with multi-faceted, tremendously strong psychic powers". If any of the characters other than David come from comics canon, I don't know/remember them.

*Bearing in mind that Legion's not a character I was ever super-familiar with; I feel as if he was fairly back-burnered during the years when I was actively engaged with the comics.

I know Keri Russell only for The Americans; I didn't even know until Julia mentioned it recently that she was the lead in Felicity, which I've never seen. Until tonight, I didn't realize quite how long ago Felicity was. Then I saw a picture of Russell from that period, and mentioned on Twitter that it had made me boggle...at which point Julia linked me to a picture of Russell's hair from earlier in the Felicity time frame. She was SO YOUNG! She had SO MUCH HAIR! Such curls! *boggles anew*

Speaking tangentially of The Americans: despite having watched all of seasons 1-4 last year ("recently", is what I'm getting at), I think every season, when Henry first appears on screen, I stare at him and wonder if they recast the role. But the IMDb says it's been Keidrich Sellati all along.

Has everyone seen the Buffy 20th anniversary reunion pics? (Which Anthony Stewart Head missed, but not for lack of trying to attend. ;_;) My favorite pics are the one of Amber Benson, Alyson Hannigan, and Seth Green (fic please? Yes?), the solo pic of Amber Benson, and the solo pic of Seth Green. Oh, and Emma Caulfield + bunny!

(Speaking of Tony Head, I am unreasonably charmed by this tweet.)

I'm used to Amazon blithely combining items from multiple orders when shipping, but according to my inbox and package tracker, tomorrow a box of items from four orders, weighing nearly 10 lbs, is going to arrive. O_O

Contents: two manga volumes (Fruits Basket [omnibus] vol. 11 and Twinkle Stars vol. 2) and eight novels (of which I'm most excited for Mishell Baker's Phantom Pains). One of the novels is Laini Taylor's Strange the Dreamer, which I ordered last July based on its original release date.

On the weekend a few of us watched the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert (which I've owned for...a few years?...and had never seen). I started to draft a post about it, but what I've wound up with is a weird heap of notes that have very little to do with that specific concert performance (or at least, little to do with what was actually performed--my feelings about some cuts are very much in evidence in the mess of words). So, uh...hopefully that'll turn into an actual post of some sort, but this is not that.

Cuddle Party

Mar. 29th, 2017 11:31 pm
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Everyone needs contact comfort sometimes.  Not everyone has ample opportunities for this in facetime.  So here is a chance for a cuddle party in cyberspace.  Virtual cuddling can help people feel better.

We have a
cuddle room comes with fort cushions, fort frames, and sheets for draping.  The kitchen has a popcorn machine. Here is the bathroom, open to everyone.  Come snuggle up!

Anti-Nazi buttons

Mar. 29th, 2017 11:13 pm
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I've been wearing a safety pin for several months now, but I was beginning to feel dissatisfied. It's subtle... maybe too subtle, unless you happen to hang around with a lot of activists. Then I read this article. And I decided that I was going to switch from wearing a safety pin to wearing an anti-Nazi button. Unlike the author of the article, I didn't have to sift thru vintage shops looking for one; I just typed "custom pin-back buttons" into Google and checked out the sources that popped up. I settled on this company, where I could order 100 1" buttons with the pin style I preferred for $.28 each, plus shipping and a $25 first-time setup fee (this drops to $5 for reorders). I found a good free-art image online and placed the order, and less than a week later I had my buttons. I've been wearing one ever since, but as I don't go out all that much, it was hard to tell if anyone noticed.

However, the reason I ordered 100 was to not just have one to wear, but more to give away. I keep a few in with my wallet change, a bag of 20 in my car, and at MidSouthCon I put a couple out on my table, visible but unobtrusive. Every time someone said, "I like your pin," I responded with, "Take one, they're free." I took 30 buttons to the con, and gave away 20 of them; I consider that a reasonable success. I noticed that most of the people who took one were young, but I also had one woman well into her 30s take one because she said she was Asatru and that community has been having an invasion of white supremacist neo-Nazis.

Overall, I'm pleased. This is something I can continue to do easily. Wearing the button serves the same purposes as the safety pin, only more unmistakably. Furthermore, it does something else -- it punctures the right-wing bubble by saying visibly, "This is someone who doesn't agree with you." And if having a couple on my table at cons costs me a few sales... first, I think it may gain me more, and second, I don't give a shit about anyone who wouldn't buy from me because I've declared myself to be a decent, civilized human being.
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A Door Opens
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3 (complete)
word count (story only): 1337

:: This story takes place around dawn on Saturday in the Maldives, which is dinner time (around 5pm) on Friday where Shiv is. ::

“Well,” the teen stammered, waving at the box, “Have some before I eat the whole thing.”

Tolliver grinned. “Thank you.” He selected a medium slice, heavy with vegetables, and tipped it as he lifted it free so that several slices of linguica fell onto neighboring pieces. “I tend to keep track of calories as how many yards of the lawn I'll have to mow.”

Travis snickered. “I do the opposite, measuring how many candy bars I can have in a week based on whether I'm on walking duty, desk, or something else.”
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Dept. of Union Maid

Mar. 29th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Union Migraines

I don't know why I leave union meetings of any kind with upset stomachs and headaches. 

Oh, wait. I do. 

Luckily, my bed is awaiting me, and my beloved is giving me tender loving care. He is a jewel among men. 
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Another belated announcement of fic posted elsewhere...

The Pillow Box: Collected Slave-verse Tumblr Fics
(17200 words):

Chapter 5: Comfort (3502 words)

Not written to any specific prompts, just a hurt/comfort followup to #4. Happy 100th Birthday, Bucky!

Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), and Iron Man (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Tony Stark
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Stark Robots (Marvel), Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Slavery, Alternate Universe - Dystopia, Master/Slave, Hurt/Comfort, Kneeling, Cuddling & Snuggling, Rewards, Bananas, Robots, Weight Issues, Food Issues, Bathing/Washing, POV Outsider, Eating Disorders, Vomiting
Series: Part 3 of All These Burning Hearts in Hell

Collected ficlets from the All These Burning Hearts in Hell 'verse, starring Tony and Threetoo with Threetoo's pillow nest in a supporting role. Prompts for each ficlet in the chapter's summary.

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After M/m Keeper/Kept and Keeper’s Interview and Needs a Title and Bad Titling is Catching and More M/m, when I’d given up on titles and The Driver Weighs In

Ctirad tensed. That… was a bad sign.

Sir stroked the top of his back gently, such that the touch might be missed from the rear-view mirror, if Ctirad had his positioning right.

“What’s your name mean?” Sal sounded completely serious. Ctirad gave the question consideration.

His name wasn’t all that common in America, he knew that. And among fae, the name your father chose to give you was heavy with meaning (sometimes). Of course, he had no idea if Sal was fae or not. He cleared his throat. “Joy and honor, or joy from honor.” It wasn’t a name that brought him any joy anymore, but it was all he had left that was his.
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