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I'm well aware that this has been done before, but I wasn't satisfied with how, so having had an idea of doing a thing, I feel compelled to finish.

I'd be sorry, except I'm really not.

From you I never Shall Depart
(with apologies to Rick Astley, and inspiration by "Never Gonna Give you Up")

Oh heart of mine, from love we're not estranged,
Its rules I know you've compassed, as have I
So I propose a contract, full, unchanged,
Forever, offered by no other guy,

My open heart I bare before your eyes,
To show you what I feel, my blood I'll spill,
For never shall I leave you for the sky,
Nor let you down to cross beyond a hill,

Nor shall I stray and from your presence part,
Or cause you pain that flows in salty tears,
Nor tell you that I quit, or hurt your heart,
With falsehood that puts pain in both your ears,

Our time together has prepared our way
Put off your shyness, and, accepting, stay.

(note: this was about 10 minutes of poetry; I totally reserve the right to go back and fix mistakes I've made that I notice or are pointed out later).


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